The opening paragraph or chapter of a book can often make it or break it.  But how much more enthralling is the opening line of a book!  So when I came across these great opening lines

Writing prompts

Writing prompts- 2

Writing prompts- 3

I knew I had to share them!

Quotes like these will be an added bonus to the opening chapter readings I often give at the start of wider reading sessions in our library.  How better to get kids to read the book?  And what a great way to set creative writing tasks!

Check out more great opening lines from this list published by The Telegraph (9 February, 2016).


Library promo

There’s no better way to promote a library than by by sharing good posters.  I spotted this one last week doing the rounds on Facebook.

Just in time for Book Week?!

Neil gaiman - simplest way to raise literature children ... school library

Castagna - Incredible here and nowHurt in a motor car accident, Michael and his family struggle coming to terms with the death of Dom, their brother, son and grandson.  This is a story of grief and love as a family learns to cope with the unexpected and continue their journey of life.  Sad and at times confronting, the novel is, at its end, uplifting.


Rating: ***
Theme Fiction: 
Social Problems
Suitability: Year 9 – 12

Lawson - Freedom RideAn engaging historical fiction highlighting the racist attitude prevailing in Australia in the ’50’s and ’60’s which barred Aborigines from being treated as equal citizens in their own country.  With authentic characters created to deliver the outlandish racist attitude and behaviour of local country people, the reader is left with a clear impression of what life must have been like for Aborigines growing up in Australia in this time.  A great read by Sue Lawson.

Rating: *****
Theme Fiction:
Historical Fiction
Suitability:  Year 9 – 12+


McKinlay - A single stoneShortlisted for the 2016 CBCA Awards, this unusual novel has many twists and turns before the story line becomes clear.  At its end, we are able to determine that it’s a story of one person’s struggle to break free from the confines of a community who have endeavoured long and hard to prevent others from discovering an alternate world.   Tucked away behind mountains, Jena pieces together evidence to prove that there is a world beyond their enclave and that that world is not as foreboding as it has been  described by the community elders – the mothers.

Rating: ****
Theme Fiction: 
Science Fiction
Suitability:  Year 9 – 10

Holiday antics!

It’s been a while since I last posted.

I’ve had a good reason ….. I was on holidays!   As hard as it is to admit it out loud, I didn’t do too much reading.   I was too busy sight seeing, relaxing and all the other things you do when you are on holidays!

Unlike the last time we traveled, I don’t have even one photo of a magnificent shopfront, an inspirational quote, a magical statue bumped into or the home of a famous writer.

I have however managed to find one ‘reading related’ gentleman online.   He is highly representative of the many statues we saw in Milan, Italy during our last stop before heading home.  This guy is perched up high, but most conspicuously visible in the photo is a book!

Hopefully this shot will suffice to prove that I did have some fleeting thoughts about my passionate love of reading!

Statue of man reading book, Milan, Italy

Since coming home, I’ve been busy making amends though and have literally devoured a whole pile of books.  Stay tuned as I return to sharing my thoughts about books read, along with many other wonderful literary bits and pieces which I keep discovering in the most unlikely of places.

What’s to read?

Looking for some good library promo material?

Sometime ago, I came across this graphic and just love it.

What's to read


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