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Katherine “Katie” Tarbox, the author of the internationally bestselling book, A girl’s life online, is a reprint of the 2001 book Katie.com, a ground breaking memoir detailing her account with an Internet predator.   As a 13 year old, Katie meets Mark in an internet chat room.  Finding someone who understands and cares about her, their relationship remains a secret.  Travelling to Texas to meet him, it is only then that she discovers Mark to be a 23 year old Internet predator.  A landmark court case results in Mark being accused of paedophilia.  This true story, told by Katie as a 17 year old, is as relevant today as it was more than ten years ago when first published and remains in print and translated into more than 35 languages in 50 different countries.  An excellent read for older teenagers and their parents.  Mature themes dominate.

Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction: 
Social Problems, Memoir
Suitable:  Year 10-12+

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A philosophical work in which teacher and mentor, Morrie Schwartz, the author’s university lecturer with whom he had last seen twenty years earlier, imparts his philosophy of life.  Dying of ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease – Mitch Albom agrees to attend weekly interviews, on Tuesdays, with the dying professor.  As recorded by Albom, the lessons on how to live are both profound and moving, making the reader think deeply about themself and their life.   A moving and insightful, true story.

Rating: *****
Theme Fiction:
Letters & Diaries
Suitable: Year 9-12

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