We're going on a bear hunt

Three years ago, when Walker Books celebrated the 25th anniversary of the publication of “We’re going on a bear hunt”, Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury in an interview recorded by The Guardian, revealed little known details about the origins of the story and its magical illustrations.

Guardian article

And if you have never heard or seen Michael Rosen’s rendition of this all time classic, you simply must!!

This, more than many other fabulous picture story books from that era, fill me with warm memories of years gone by when I used to tell this story to eager young students during my very early years as a teacher librarian – and then of course brought it home to read to my son!

What could be more cool than a bookmark?!

Most definitely a bookish badge!!

Having just come across this fabulous collection published in a post by Bookish – I’m definitely hooked!!

Just have a look at a couple of the badges displayed:

I just gunna have to drop hints to family and friends now.  🙂

If you just can’t be without a book in your hands, then this is for you!


Light and easy to carry and both water and UV resistant, it’s certain that AquaReader is  one of those accessories that you just must have!  Check it out!

When you love books and you love art – it’s nothing but sheer joy when the two intersect!

Oh the pleasure when this happened to me recently when I spotted a painting by Massimo Giannoni while window shopping in one of the world’s most magnificent locations  – Capri.

Fresh from discovering a most beautiful gallery in Positano – Liquid Art System – it was like finding an old friend when we bumped into another branch of this gallery while wandering the streets of Capri.

An hour zipped by as we wandered around enjoying the most amazing paintings, sculptures and installations we’d ever seen in a gallery.

And then, there, tucked away in one room was this beautiful painting, an oil on canvas, by Massimo Giannoni – Libreria con scala a chiocciola – which in English translates to Spiral staircase bookcase.

Book painting photographed at liauid art system - Isle of Capri -April 2017

This photograph of the painting which we took, doesn’t fully capture the rich and warm colours that kept us mesmerized for some time.  Sadly too, it was a smidgen too big for our suitcase.

If you ever happen upon one of the Liquid Art System galleries in different locations around the world though, be sure to set aside an hour or more to enjoy your visit.  And – be sure to ask one of the knowledgeable assistants to explain the thinking behind the art.  Complex explanations of some of the pieces we enjoyed seeing still reverberate within us – even now after we’ve returned home.

I’m not quite sure why I have such a love of bookarks ….. but I do!!

So when I came across this site recently, I was quite blown away!

Showcased on My Modern Met – a fabulous website which presents some of the world’s most outstanding designs – the work of Olena Mysnyk,  who designs captivating bookmarks and ships them off to all ends of the earth, are breathtaking beautiful!

Imagine, for instance, marking the spot of your book with this bookmark! Or for that matter any of the others included in the Quirky Bookmarks post on My Modern Met.

If you are as keen as I am though and want to work out which one to add to your own bookmark collection, then head straight to My Book Mark and check out the online shop.

Sometimes a picture (with a little text) says it all!


Neil Gaiman‘s contribution to our world of literature is indeed very profound!

small-great-thingsWhen Ruth Jefferson, a labour and delivery nurse with more than twenty years’ experience working in a small U.S hospital is told she is no longer permitted to touch the new-born infant she had recently attended, her world is shattered.  Then, when three days later, the baby dies while momentarily left in her care, Ruth finds herself at the centre of a court case accused of negligent homicide.  With her world imploding, this single mother who has only ever tried to do what is right and good for her family, her friends, her co-workers and her patients, finds herself alone.  Grappling to be understood by those around her, the only solace she can find is to trust the white, middle class lawyer who has been appointed by the court – a person whose life experience is the complete antithesis of her own.  Another compelling and well written page turner from Jodi Picoult which focuses on the complex issue of racism that plagues communities across the US.

Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction: 
Social Problems
Suitability:  Year 9-12+