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There’s nothing nicer than being able to celebrate a day of love!

Library Lovers’ Day, which is traditionally celebrated on February 14th in Australia, is inextricably linked to Valentine’s Day.  Hence most of the fun competitions run in our library have focused around encouraging students to write love poems.  Displays set up have included lots of love themed books and last year one of our displays included a number of love themed books hidden in plain paper bags with very few clues other than to indicate, via blue and pink labels inviting students to jump in and borrow, whether the main protagonists were male or female.   Students enthusiastically borrowed from the pile!

If you’re running short on ideas though, check out the ALIA Library Lovers’ Day page which has stacks of really great ideas!


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Did you know that today is Library Lovers Day?

ALIA – Australian Library and Information Association – suggest that we re-name Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated on February 14th, as Library Lovers Day and that the day become one of celebrating with those who love and support our Libraries.  Check out the Library Lovers Day webpage for a range of fabulous Library promotion ideas

Today in our School Library, students enjoyed eating some tiny love heart cookies!  Simple to make and a joy to share, try your hand at creating some for your Library patrons!

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