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Falling Bookend

Knowing how passionate I am about all things “bookish” a friend of mine sent me this beauty to add to my ‘bookends’ collection.

It’s great isn’t it?!  Powerful, simple and natural.   I just love it.

Not satisfied with just enjoying the beauty of some of my amazing online ‘finds’ though, I often spend a while searching for their creators so that I can not only give them the credit they so well deserve but can also explore and admire their other creations that are equally beautiful.

It didn’t take me too long to discover that the creator of the ‘Falling Bookend’ was a chap called Ori Niv from Tel Aviv, Israel.  I managed to find a little about him on a couple of commercial sites: Connnox Living Design Shop and  Gans Gifts and Judaica from Israel as well as on Israeli Art & Culture website.  I struck gold though when I found Niv’s business website.  The Artori Design website is everything you would expect of a designer of the calibre of an artist like Ori Niv.   I enjoyed whiling away some time looking at some of his beautiful designs.  I also enjoyed seeing this video about the Falling Bookend.

Apart from the Falling Bookend, I’ve now got my eye on a number of his other creations that I would love to add to my home displays!

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