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What better way is there to successful book promotion than to combine it with fundraising for a worthy cause?

Using the library to host Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – a fundraiser for Cancer Council – is an awesome way to be able to showcase your library, enjoy a social event with work colleagues and to raise money for a very worthwhile cause all at the one time!

For several years now, I have been organizing this event in the various libraries I’ve worked in.   It is a fun and very easy event to organize.   By involving library work colleagues and a few key people from the Staff Association, getting the event together is a breeze.

The approach I have taken over the years is to hand over the food side of the event, particularly the planning and purchasing components, to the Staff Association and then having the library team deal with the advance publicity and set up of the event.   In my present school, which has a junior and senior library, we have taken to alternating the location each year.

As posters are sent out by Cancer Council, there’s little to do on the publicity side other than to display the posters around the school, enter the event into the school IMG_0674calendar and send reminder emails to staff to be sure they remember to come.   Negotiating with senior management to extend our usual 20 minute morning recess to 30 minutes not only sends a positive message to all staff that this is a worthwhile event, but has ensured that we get enough time to relax and chat over a cuppa.

As far as the library set up goes – this event is really very non demanding.   Reshuffling tables around the library so that there is sufficient room for food and ensuring that there is a safe area set aside for the urn, cups and saucers and other bits and pieces is fairly easy.   Because my intent is also to showcase the library, it has become an annual event to pull off the shelf some adult ‘absolutely must read books’ so as to ensure a bookish element infiltrates the event.   By distributing these books around the edges of the food tables or in and among the platters of food is a really great way to get the books noticed.

Throw in some collection boxes for the fundraiser, a bit of background music to add to the atmosphere and voila – there you have it!

Give it a go.  If it worked for me, it may also work for you!

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