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I recently came across a fabulous list complied by Isaac Bashevis Singer which was reproduced on Futility Closet.  It was part of his 1978 Nobel banquet speech.

Why I began to write for children”

  1. Children read books, not reviews.  They don’t give a hoot about the critics.
  2. Children don’t read to find their identity.
  3. They don’t read to free themselves of guilt, to quench the thirst for rebellion, or to get rid of alienation.
  4. They have no use for psychology.
  5. They detest sociology.
  6. They don’t try to understand Kafka or Finnegans Wake.
  7. They still believe in God, the family, angels, devils, witches, goblins, logic, clarity, punctuation,, and other such obsolete stuff.
  8. They love interesting stories, not commentary, guides, or footnotes.
  9. When a book is boring, they yawn openly, without any shame or fear of authority.
  10. They don’t expect their beloved writer to redeem humanity.  Young as they are, they know that it is not in his power.  Only the adults have such childish illusions.

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My warning to you is if you decide to start exploring the booktrust website, be sure to have at least an hour up your sleeve.

I found myself intrigued by the wealth of choice and information contained in this comprehensive website.   With options to read short stories or even submit your own, clearly this site is living up to its byline of ‘Inspiring a love of books’.

With an amazing range of events and competitions highlighted, the avid reader/writer can even tap into tips and pointers on how to become a better writer or take advantage of learning from the online writer in residence.

This UK based website has certainly set itself some grand goals.  Just have a read of this snippet from its ‘About’ page:

Booktrust is an independent reading and writing charity that makes a nationwide impact on individuals, families and communities, and culture in the UK. We make a significant positive contribution to the educational outcomes of children from the earliest age. We work to empower people of all ages and abilities by giving them confidence and choices about reading. And we want individuals of all backgrounds to benefit from the wellbeing that a rich and positive engagement in reading and writing can bring.

A great site!

And if you happen to be on the look out for more great ‘short story’ websites – take the time to check out this list put together by makeuseof10 websites where you can enjoy reaidng short stories and flash fiction.  Some of the sites are really awesome!

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