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When you love books and you love art – it’s nothing but sheer joy when the two intersect!

Oh the pleasure when this happened to me recently when I spotted a painting by Massimo Giannoni while window shopping in one of the world’s most magnificent locations  – Capri.

Fresh from discovering a most beautiful gallery in Positano – Liquid Art System – it was like finding an old friend when we bumped into another branch of this gallery while wandering the streets of Capri.

An hour zipped by as we wandered around enjoying the most amazing paintings, sculptures and installations we’d ever seen in a gallery.

And then, there, tucked away in one room was this beautiful painting, an oil on canvas, by Massimo Giannoni – Libreria con scala a chiocciola – which in English translates to Spiral staircase bookcase.

Book painting photographed at liauid art system - Isle of Capri -April 2017

This photograph of the painting which we took, doesn’t fully capture the rich and warm colours that kept us mesmerized for some time.  Sadly too, it was a smidgen too big for our suitcase.

If you ever happen upon one of the Liquid Art System galleries in different locations around the world though, be sure to set aside an hour or more to enjoy your visit.  And – be sure to ask one of the knowledgeable assistants to explain the thinking behind the art.  Complex explanations of some of the pieces we enjoyed seeing still reverberate within us – even now after we’ve returned home.


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Magical Book Sculptures

Browsing through second hand book stores is a passion for many of us.

For artist, Su Blackwell though, the books she locates at second hand book shops and reads several times over are an inspiration for her magical book sculptures.

Created from the pages of the books read, Blackwell painstakingly works with a scalpel to create images and interpretations of the story read.  The end result is breathtaking!

To KIll a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

If you happen to be traveling to London soon, go visit an exhibition of Blackwell’s work which is being held at the Long & Ryle Gallery from September 17th to October 9th.  If you can’t make it to the London exhibition though, check out her book sculpture portfolio online.

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Have you ever imagined telling a story on your eyes?

If you’re anything like me, the answer is most definitely no!   But for Tal Peleg, a visual artist from Israel, photography, makeup and design are tools and processes she uses all the time to create her breathtaking eye art.

Combining her love for art, design and make up, Tal uses eyelids as her canvas to create intricate masterpieces many of which focus on classic fairy tales.  Her art is mesmerizing, beautiful and reflect amazing talent!

Little Prince

The Sound of Music

The little mermaidc


Read more about Tal in this brief article: I use eyes as a canvas for my art or find her on Facebook or on Twitter @Tal_Peleg

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I’ve shared Brian Dettmer’s inspirational re-creation of books in earlier post – Beyond words! Amazing book art!!– but in this TED talk by Dettmer we are able to develop an understanding of not just how he creates his work, but why he does what he does with certain books.  Understanding the essence of his reasoning seems to lend his work even more life than it had previously.

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As I’ve said several times on this blog, I’m overwhelmed by the inspirational use of books by artists.

The work of Mike Stilkey is no exception!  His work is bold, grand and very appealing.

Mike Stilkey

A video interview with Stilkey which appeared on a recent Collosal post is both interesting and informative.

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S.Fischer Book Poster

I like the thinking behind these very cool book posters created by S. Fischer Verlag which are highlighted on The Casual Optimist website!

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Finding a pile of discarded phone books gave Alex Queral the inspiration to create some amazing art work.

Carving into the phone book, literally peeling away layers of pages, his steady hand has produced countless portraits of many well known celebrities.

Mississippi Blues Man

Mississippi Blues Man

Dali Lama

Born in Havana, Cuba, Queral now lives and works in Miami Florida.   Enjoy meeting him and seeing how he creates his work in this short video:

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