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If you’re planning a wedding or just looking for some very inspiring ideas of what you can do with books, you may want to check out this fabulous post on BuzzFeed:

book boquet

I just love some of these ideas!  Can’t wait to adapt some of them into a library display!!


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Book Displays

Coming up with new and captivating book displays is something that you either love or hate.   There’s no two ways about it though – book displays in our libraries are essential.

There are lots of ideas out there, but these two are not only striking, but are captivating and inviting!

Pie de Amigo (Foot of Friend) created by Columbian artist Miler Lagos is described on the CollabCubed website as an arc of stacked architecture books with one pencil placed in the leaves of each book that, if removed, would cause the whole piece to tumble.  Its beauty is in its simplicity.  Wonder how I would go if I tried to re-create this in our library?

Absolutely stunning though is this display of books suspended above the entrance to the Istanbul Modern Art Museum.  Photographed by Hanif Shoaei, I have to admit that when I first saw this photograph my eyes drifted to the ceiling of our school library.   While climbing up to suspend the books would be a massive effort ….. it’d be fun to surprise students with on a Monday morning!

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