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It is some years ago since the idea of the Birthday Book Club was initiated in one of the school libraries in which I worked.   It was an initiative introduced by one of my work colleagues – another Bev – prior to my arrival at the school.

The idea of the Birthday Book Club is quite simple.  At one level it is a fundraiser while at another it is a lovely way to acknowledge the birthday of students.

Working with the support of the school administration (which may translate to the ‘Development’ or ‘Marketing Department’ in other schools) each student was presented with an attractive birthday card incorporating the school logo and a warm individualized birthday message.  Each year a new birthday card was produced by the school to ensure that this didn’t appear as a routine request for donations, but rather, had an air of warmth and sincerity for the greeting imparted.  Cards were distributed to the students at the beginning of the month of their birthday.  Inserted inside the birthday card was a donation slip inviting the student and/or his or her family to make a donation to the school library in honour of their birthday.

The school admin setup a separate tax deductible account in which all Birthday Book donations were deposited.   Receipts generated by admin were then passed on to library staff signaling us to request the student to come to the library to select a book from the pile of books we kept on hand for birthday book donations.  Once the book was chosen, the receipt was given to the student to pass on to his/her family.  A week or two later, once the book was accessioned and processed, the student’s donation to the school would be formally acknowledged by mention in the school newsletter and/or mention at the campus student assembly where the donation template inserted into the book would be read out.  Students who donated the book into the library were given first option to borrow it.

The donation template, created in Publisher, was printed on gold sticky labels and inserted into the book.  It looked something like this:

Birthday Book Club

And if you think that acknowledging the birthday of students is something that only young students enjoy, you’ve got it totally wrong!   Our older students thoroughly enjoyed the recognition of their birthday and the fact that a book they chose was to live on in our school collection long after they had graduated!  As part of the processing, we would enter the student’s name as a key word, so that their book could easily be found.  What a delight it was to see the look of joy on the face of one of our old students who returned for a visit, did a search of the catalogue and then found their book on the shelf!

Give it a go.  If it worked for me, it may also work for you!

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When you read stories such as this one about 15 year old Joey Alisch, a sophomore student at Bishop Hendricken High School in Rhode Island, USA, that warm fuzzy feeling of inspiration is lit!

Having just completed his most recent trip – his seventh – to the Philippines, Joey has now collected and donated more than 10,000 books to schools across the Philippines.

It was some years ago when Joey noticed an ad on the Disney Channel encouraging youngsters to get involved in acts of charity.   After a visit to his cousin’s school in Mindoro in the Philippines, Joey was shocked to see an empty room in the school which was the library.  It was at this point that he decided that he should be collecting and donating books to schools in the Philippines.  And so he has, ever since!

Joey’s character shines through a short video published on YouTube.  He sums up his intent well by saying:

MY VISION:  To help the Filipino Children
MY MISSION: To continue helping build libraries in the Philippines.  I hope they will enjoy reading & exploring the wonderful world of BOOKS

The story is inspiring. So too is the video:

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