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There’s no easier way to promote your library and make it the centre of attention than by holding a book launch.   Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a number of book launches which were held in our Library or organized by Library Staff in a central school venue.   Each of them were a stunning success and believe it or not,  involved very little effort on our part to get it happening!

No idea how to make it happen?  Well, the best starting point is either an author or a publisher with whom you have struck up a personal relationship.   If you haven’t got either of these, don’t be shy to approach publishers directly letting them know that you/your school are interested and available.  Make approaches well in advance so that you can be sure to secure the event.

Obviously there are various logistics that need to be worked out, but again these involve no more than a phone call or an email to confirm:

  • check the school calendar to ensure there are no date clashes; be sure to have the book launch recorded on the calendar
  • if the launch is to be in the evening or weekend, check the need for special arrangements such as security or parking
  • determine, preferably in writing, whether you or the author/publisher are to handle publicity – flyers, invitations, newsletter or newspaper articles or announcements
  • similarly, determine who is responsible for organizing and providing the catering – drinks, nibbles or more; include this in the written agreement
  • once details are confirmed, decide whether you will enlist the support and assistance of Library Staff, other school staff, students and/or parents in the running of the event
  • organize a photographer to be present so that good photos can be included with write ups of the book launch; informing the local newspaper of the event well in advance will ensure wider publicity of your successful book launch

Give it a go.  If it worked for me, it may also work for you!

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