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Anyone who works with books or loves books will identify with the issue of overcrowded shelves and how tough or near impossible it is to discard any of them to make room for new ones.   So ….. the easy solution is to keep the books and get more shelves!

And that’s just what Frank Howarth does.   As a designer and woodworker who has a passion for building things with his hands, Howarth also has a passionate desire to share with others how he creates his pieces, something he shares on his YouTube channel.

‘Making a case for books’ is a project that he worked on for two months early this year.  Documenting their creation, Howarth shot approximately 11,700 frames for the animation, used roughly 6,400 of them, and ended up with this fully animated story of the making of four bookcases.

The result – both of the bookshelves and the animation created – is brilliant!  I was mesmerized watching it!

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DNA Bookcase

If just over $1000 is the price tag you’re happy to spend on a book shelf that is a little out of the ordinary, this book shelf from Milano may be just the thing

Designed by Reverso and available in finishes of black or white, the description on the Milano website says:

The DNA bookcase is an unconventional bookcase with spiralling shelves. It has a twisted form with the 13 shelves positioned at different angles and each can easily hold DVDs, CDs, books and other items. It is constructed completely from steel and has a white or black painted steel finish.

DNA Bookcase

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Designed by Atelier 010 the Boekenwurm – or Bookworm – book shelf is both visually attractive and excedingly practical!


Being able to take centre stage in any home, this book shelf, custom built on order, is a curved shape comprised of thin layers of MDF bent along custom made moulds.  Balanced by a stainless steel leg on one wall, the base of the lower inner wall provides a place for the reader to sit and relax while reading.   A lamp, suspended from the upper inner side of the worm ensures sufficient illumination for the reader.

With a range of colours to choose from, this impressive structure is sure to be an attractive option for ‘jazzing’ up any room in the house!

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If you’re looking for a book shelf that’s easy to put together and has a fine line of beauty, look no further!

The Traliccio Bookshelf, created by Italian company 4P1B Design Studio,  has all the qualities you need to ensure that something special is added to your room while providing a good solution for book storage and display.   As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

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There’s nothing orginal about the name, but when you look at this bookcase – well …. ‘Hole in the floor’ does seem to be the most apt name!

Created as a special commission by Raw Design in 2010 – it is interesting to read more about the pair – Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay – on their website.  It also seems that they have traversed the globe presenting exhibitions, workshops and talks.

Great stuff!

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Install a Yin-Yang book shelf in your home to ensure some peace and tranquility!

Beautiful isn’t it?   A shame though that I’ve been unable to locate any reliable information about its designer.  So ….. like many of the beautiful pieces of furniture that I’ve come across on the web, this one too is to be just admired.

Wouldn’t mind having it in my lounge though!

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What a nice idea this one is!

Developed and promoted Baufachfrau in Berlin the project is described as:

an interdisciplinary, project orientated cooperation of apprentices of forestry, carpentry, cabinetmaking, media design, printing and bookselling”

Adopting the concept behind Bookcrossing (and if you haven’t explored this yet – you don’t know what you are missing!!) the aim is to encourage the public to leave a book and take a book.   I look forward to bumping into a Book Forest when wandering the streets of Berlin!!

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Every now and then I come across cool bookshelves which I really enjoy sharing.

This time though, it was a bonanza!!   A guy, who happens to be a woodworking artisan, has posted a video of himself paging through a book about book shelves and has posted it on his blog site!!

So for the quick look, check this video.  To have a more indepth look though, you may be interested to purchase the book itself which is simply titled Bookshelf by Alex Johnson.

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Overhead Library!

Too many books to store?   No idea where you can put yet another book shelf.   Simple!  Go up!

This “Overhead Library” has to be the best invention yet for the crowded home office!   Designed by architect and designer, Travis Price at the request of Wade Davis of National Geographic Society this amazing bookshelf, located in Washington DC, is both innovative and aesthetically beautiful.

I must admit that since seeing this creation, I’m looking at the ceiling of my study a little differently!

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I love great designs ….. and this book shelf designed and built by Italian designers Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti of the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti is really great!

Take a minute to look at this picture. Can spot something out of the ordinary?  No luck?  Scroll down to see the solution!  Neat no?!

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