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I’m not quite sure why I have such a love of bookarks ….. but I do!!

So when I came across this site recently, I was quite blown away!

Showcased on My Modern Met – a fabulous website which presents some of the world’s most outstanding designs – the work of Olena Mysnyk,  who designs captivating bookmarks and ships them off to all ends of the earth, are breathtaking beautiful!

Imagine, for instance, marking the spot of your book with this bookmark! Or for that matter any of the others included in the Quirky Bookmarks post on My Modern Met.

If you are as keen as I am though and want to work out which one to add to your own bookmark collection, then head straight to My Book Mark and check out the online shop.

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Described as a new, innovative, bookmark that follows any of your reading, the Albatros Bookmark, designed by Oscar Lhermitte and made in France are a new product on the market.   As shown in the video, they are available in a range of colours and are designed to save the hassle of remembering to insert a bookmark when closing the book.

See more, including purchasing details, on the Albatros Bookmark website.

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