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If you’re looking to renovate or to just zap up an area, this idea of decorating a staircase with book titles is a really great one!

A friend sent me this link (thanks Bev!) a little while ago which describes how a mother, renovating the new home she moved into, re-invented a quite boring area with this DIY idea.  Check out the details here.

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I came across this on Facebook last week.  One of my greatest needs is summed up perfectly!   Thanks Denise for the share!

All I want in life = books!

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Books without batteries

A bit frivolous I know, but it’s term break here in Melbourne.

This one tickled my fancy!


Books without batteries

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If you ever wondered how it’s done, this video is a beautiful explanation of how a book is made – the good old fashioned way!

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If, like many others around town, you received the latest IKEA catalogue in the mail last week, you’ll enjoy this parody about the bookbook    which was created by IKEA and narrated by IKEA’s chief designer Jörgen Eghammer.  Hefty and bulky, the catalogue, if paged through from start to finish, included an amazing array of goodies available for purchase.

This short parody will bring a smile to your face as it highlights everything there is to enjoy about a book!

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When you read stories such as this one about 15 year old Joey Alisch, a sophomore student at Bishop Hendricken High School in Rhode Island, USA, that warm fuzzy feeling of inspiration is lit!

Having just completed his most recent trip – his seventh – to the Philippines, Joey has now collected and donated more than 10,000 books to schools across the Philippines.

It was some years ago when Joey noticed an ad on the Disney Channel encouraging youngsters to get involved in acts of charity.   After a visit to his cousin’s school in Mindoro in the Philippines, Joey was shocked to see an empty room in the school which was the library.  It was at this point that he decided that he should be collecting and donating books to schools in the Philippines.  And so he has, ever since!

Joey’s character shines through a short video published on YouTube.  He sums up his intent well by saying:

MY VISION:  To help the Filipino Children
MY MISSION: To continue helping build libraries in the Philippines.  I hope they will enjoy reading & exploring the wonderful world of BOOKS

The story is inspiring. So too is the video:

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I’d like to say I was out of the country or something, but I guess I really have to come clean and admit that I didn’t see this installation which was held last June in my hometown of Melbourne.  How I missed it, I’ll never know!   And once I’d seen what was created, you should have heard my howls of disappointment.

Quoting from the Literatura website, the objective of this project was to create

a river of books overflowing into the physical pedestrian spaces and installed itself in the space allocated to cars, stealing precious space to the dense traffic in the area, in a symbolic gesture in which literature took control of the streets and became the conquerer of the public space, offering the citizens, a space (not as big as we would have liked) in which the traffic withdrew yielding ground to the modest power of the written word.”

Truly amazing.   Have a look:

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Contrary to figures we constantly read in the press about the demise of book shops and the rise of eBooks, the book in France is alive and well!

Reporting that France has 2,500 book shops, Elaine Sciolino of the New York Times also reports that book sales from 2003-2011 increased by 6.5%.   Propping up the French publishing industry, she reports, are state laws to protect the book.  Passed back in 1981, the “Lang Law” (so named for the then Culture Minister Jack Lang) fixed prices for French-language books preventing the discounting of books by more than 5%.

Book publishers the world over are probably quite envious.  Perhaps there needs to be moves by other countires to further explore French Government initiatives so as to ensure the future of the book industry.

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Take a walk down memory lane with this Merry Melodies cartoon.  Released in 1938 by Warner Bros, Have you got any castles? is a fabulous animation which reviews so many of the books which engaged and entranced an audience quite a while ago.   Many of the books showcased have become classics and still grace the shelves of our libraries!

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How coincidental it is when one has an idea that is the same as someone else on the other side of the world ’cause that’s  kind of what happened to me just recently!

A few weeks ago, I noticed a post on FaceBook by the NYOR team promoting a Swap Box which had been established by someone or some organization somewhere in Australia.  Regrettably I didn’t jot down the name of the person behind the idea.  I did however keep a picture of it to share with my colleagues in our school library.   The picture I saved was this:

Needless to say ….. it didn’t take too long to create a very similar box which now sits on display on our circulation desk.  Filled with a starter bundle of books which library staff cobbled together, the Swap Box has been a source of interest since and is a really great way to promote an interest in that wonderful feeling of holding, reading and owning a book!

Soon after getting our box up and running, someone sent me a link to a newly established website: “Little Free Library”.  Begun just a short while ago, these pop up libraries, first begun in Wisconsin in the USA, can be found in more than 40 states across the US as well as in 20+ countries around the world.  Found predominantly decorating the front yards of homes or residential neighbourhoods, the Little Free Library looks like a box on a short post, much like a letter box.  With the motto “Give a book ….. Return a book” the Little Free Library is a new way of inspiring and promoting a love of reading while building a sense of community.

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