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Heading over to Venice any time soon?

If yes ….. stop by the Libreria Acqua Alta to enjoy a unique book shop experience.  Climb stairs made up of old encyclopaedias or browse through the books stored in book shleves created from gondolas and canoes.   With books stacked up to the ceiling, there’s bound to be something to entice!

Gondola book shelf

Read more about this amazing book shop on My Modern Met.

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It’s frustrating to find beautiful designs online and then be unable to identify its location or its designer.  I’m sure you’ll agree that this circular bookshelf exudes a rhthm and beauty that holds your attention, almost hypnotises you.  To me its design is smooth and seamless.  I wish I could name it’s designer.

While trying to source its designer though, I happened upon another beautiful design for a bookshelf.  Located in the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) in Amsterdam, this curved bookshelf is attractive and appealing.

Designed by Dutch architect Joe Coenen, the OBA, otherwise known as the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, is billed as the largest library in Europe.  With its unusal design, this amazing library opened its doors to the public in 2009.

For those interested in a tour of the OBA, this short video gives you a really good feel of both the design and the interior.

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My love of bookshelves continues with this aesthetically pleasing creation from Saba Italia.  Titled Primo Quarto by the designers, this beautiful bookshelf, made of lacquered wood in a choice of either black or white is available in two sizes.   In the words of the designers:

This is a light and dramatic bookcase which represents the arched line of a waxing moon.  Functional and at the same time creating a strong decorative effect, it consists of inclined internal shelves and divisors which follow a curvilinear path creating a decidedly harmonious effect.

Stacked fully with books or just lightly on a few of its shelves, the design lends a beauty and grandeur to the books we read.  A design like this adorning my home would be most welcome!

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Bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes, but when I saw this ingenious design by architect Guillermo Cameron Mac Lean from Argentina, I had a good chuckle as I saw the stop motion video unravel.

Watching Guillermo slowly build his bookcase using the various shaped Tetris blocks, I found the little voice in my head saying ‘don’t put it there, put it there!’  Clearly a hangover from my Tetris playing days!  In contrast to the electronic game though, Guillermo’s Tetris Bookshelf doesn’t collapse at the end!

Bookshelves to me are as important as the books that are stacked on them.  Give our libraries an interesting display and our patrons are more likely to borrow.  Simple really, isn’t it?

Hmm ….. I wonder what the chances are of us getting a Tetris Bookshelf in our Library!

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To ensure that the search for the best books on your Library’s shelves continue and continue, consider installing this amazing bookshelf designed by Dutch artist Joe Koelewijn

Designed in the shape of a lemniscate, which is the figure 8 or the mathematical symbol of infinity, this amazing creation echoes the infinite power and potential of books in our lives. 

Wondering how on earth to get books from the middle sections of the bookshelf?  Look again!  I had too!!!

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Reading about the passing of Toff the Cat, who was a special visitor to the school library at Carleton College, Minnesota brought a tear to my eye.   Adopted and loved by the entire school population, Toff’s regular trysts to the school library will be sorely missed.  Apart from inspiring a Facebook page, Toff was the inspiration for library displays and even inspired annual reading lists!

Reminiscent of another cat, Dewey Readmore Books, who was adopted by Spencer Public Library after being left in the book return one cold January night in 1988, the place of pets in libraries has, over time, evoked heated debate.  In the case of Dewey however, a heart warming novel, Dewey the Library Cat, written by then Library Director, Witter Myron, outlines the life and times of Dewey over the many years she lived in the Spencer Public Library in Iowa.

Inspired by Toff, Dewey and other feline visitors to our Libraries, Booktryst blog post highlights the very clever design by Corentin Dombrecht, a modular stairway to feline heaven – the Cat Library.

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For a long time now, I’ve had a secret desire: to organize my library shelves by colour!!

Since seeing this photo some time ago, I’ve always wanted to put my desire into action!!  Taken by chotda, it really does look inspiring, doesn’t it!!

bookshelf spectrum, revisited

But ….. after spotting this YouTube video on the recently re-vamped Inside a dog blog, my desire to sneak in one weekend and have a go just got an extra stroke of desire!!  Guess I will have to try really hard to use all my self control!

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Not sure how to store your books?

Well ….. practical or impractical – you ‘ve got to admit that this is a cool idea for a bookshelf.  While I’m not quite sure  how you’d get the book you wanted off the shelf, the challenge may really be in returning a book to the ‘right’ spot!

Designed by David Garcia as part of The Archive Series, you can’t deny that this is a most intriguing way to both store and display books and would certainly ensure that ‘books’ become the focal point of discussion!!

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