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In case you still have reservations about the power of Twitter, just consider this story!

Back in December 2008, when a man learned that his mother’s book shop was facing financial ruin, he decided to do all he could to help her.   Knowing that the book shop, Broadway Books, in Portland Oregon, was not only his mother’s pride and joy but a highly loved book shop for local residents, he took to the Blogosphere to pour out his heart.   He then tweeted a link to his post inviting readers to go buy a book from his Mom’s store.  In return he promised to buy a burrito for the first 166 people who produced a receipt proving that they’d spent $50 or more in the book shop.

The tweet went viral and traffic on the blogger’s post tripled!  Commenting on the event, ‘EVERYDAYDUDE’ said:

Twitter is the catalyst to help spread the message to so many people in a short amount of time.

Isn’t it great to know that a collective community can achieve so much.

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