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Having spent many years of my career working with students who have reading difficulties has encouraged my strong interest in reading programs designed to assist this group of students.

On the surface, Scholastic’s reading program “Read 180” seems to hold much potential for successful intervention.  In a post – Learning to Read Goes High-Tech – on  the blog Mind/Shift: How we Learn, details of the successful implementation of this program with classes of disadvantaged students in New Jersey are outlined.
Given that the subject of this report is about reading, I found it both novel and highly valuable that an audio feed was included with this post.  So if you’re not inclined to read this post, certainly run the audio to have a listen.

In this, the National Year of Reading, I think it is imperative that we pay as much attention to our non-readers and those who struggle with reading as much as we do for those students who are reading comfortably at an appropriate reading level.

As a Teacher Librarian in a large school, it is a challenge to identify and assist those students having difficulty with reading without embarrassing them or reinforcing their sense of failure. I’d be really interested to hear about programs, techniques and ideas that others have in place to assist this group of readers. Does anyone know if Scholastic’s “Read 180” is being used in Australia?  I imagine, to be affective here though, there would need to be modification to the database to make it suitable for use in Australian schools.

Sharing techniques, ideas and programs amongst each other in either the Blogosphere or Twittersphere is a powerful contribution to our collective aim of developing our students’ skills.

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