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Ever been to a bookshop and noticed that you gravitate to those books facing out?

It’s actually a ploy by the bookshop owners to entice customers to pick up the books and leaf through them.  Once a book is in the hands of a customer, there’s more likelihood that the book will be bought!

Well ….. I thought ….. if this idea works in bookshops, maybe it will work in a school library.

So, I selected bundles of books, enough to fill the depth of a shelf, and sat them facing out.  If I could, I’d select books by the same author, but sometimes it was just whatever was at hand.  I also tried to ensure that the front book had a colourful, appealing cover and ….. well ….. if the truth be known ….. I tried to mix up the colours on the covers so that my library patrons were hit by a rainbow look rather than a mass of all the one colour.  I aimed to have face out bundles of books scattered over alternating shelves of each bay.

For those purists among you who I can hear cringing at the idea of disrupting the nice shelf order of books, I can only say that it was worth it!   Books placed face out were regularly picked up and borrowed by my young adult readers.   Books stacked face out were also the ones that a group of students would stand around chatting about.

Give it a go.  If it worked for me, it may also work for you!

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