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I thought I’d heard  it all until I read about about books that are being printed with ink that fades away!

Yes – you did read that correctly!

Books, being published by a Buenos Aires publisher Eterna Cadencia, are being printed with a specially formulated ink that fades away two months after the book is opened.   While I know this is of absolutely no value for book stock in a library, this gimmick is actually intended to dissuade the habit many of us are in of purchasing a book and then letting it languish on our book shelves for months, perhaps even years.

Aiming to promote and publicize the writing of new authors, the idea of publishing with ‘fade away’ ink is to boost sales and spur book critics and the press to write reviews soon after publication.  Judging by this video, it seems as though this gimmick is indeed having a positive effect on sales!

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