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The perfumer's secretThe arranged marriage of Fleurette, the only daughter of a wealthy Delacroix perfume dynasty, to Aimery, the head of another pre-eminent French perfume manufacturer on the eve of World War I is dreaded by Fleurette.  She not only loathes the man, but he literally makes her skin crawl. Yet, Fleurette is being forced to marry him for the good of the family.  A letter intended to stop the wedding proceeding is sent by the estranged brother of the groom, but it arrives too late. Only the tolling of the city bells on the night of their wedding, calling all the men of France to the battle fields, saves Fleurette from having to share the matrimonial bed with this repulsive man.  Months later, when the contents of the letter are fully explained to her in person by his brother, Fleurette finally becomes privy to a shocking and profound secret.  Evocative writing combine with a complex plot to captivate and entrance the reader.  Anticipating the outcome is cloaked in mystery until the very end.  A fabulous read by Fiona McIntosh!

Rating: *****
Theme Fiction:
Historical Fiction
Suitable:  Year 10-12+

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