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Anyone who works with books or loves books will identify with the issue of overcrowded shelves and how tough or near impossible it is to discard any of them to make room for new ones.   So ….. the easy solution is to keep the books and get more shelves!

And that’s just what Frank Howarth does.   As a designer and woodworker who has a passion for building things with his hands, Howarth also has a passionate desire to share with others how he creates his pieces, something he shares on his YouTube channel.

‘Making a case for books’ is a project that he worked on for two months early this year.  Documenting their creation, Howarth shot approximately 11,700 frames for the animation, used roughly 6,400 of them, and ended up with this fully animated story of the making of four bookcases.

The result – both of the bookshelves and the animation created – is brilliant!  I was mesmerized watching it!

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