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If you’re a Margaret Atwood fan and you’re hanging out to read her next novel, you’ll have to be very patient – it’s not due to be published until 2114.  Yes – correct!  That’s next century!

Margaret Atwood is the first contributor to Katie Paterson’s ‘Future library’ which is being created in Norway.

Paterson’s project, to which Atwood is the first contributor, will see an author contribute a book each year for the next 100 years. Each one will go into storage in a specially designed room in Oslo’s Deichmanske public library before being published in 2114. The room is to be lined with wood from the planted trees, and will also contain a printing press, so people of the near future who might not have held a paper book will have a way to produce a physical copy of the texts contained within.

An intriguing idea!  How nice it would be to be able to peek into the future!

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