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I recently discovered ‘Literature Map’ a cool way to help you put your hands on your next good read.  To use, it’s as simple as ….  Just type in the name of an author you enjoy reading and then watch a bunch of author names spiral onto the screen.  The closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them.

Cute and very simple to use, Litearture Map throws up a host of authors that bear some similarity to the author you started with and can be a good way of prodding the memory of other ‘like’ authors.   For those of us working in school libraries, it may even be a way of pulling out the name of another book that could be recommended to our readers.

This site is just waiting for one of us to ‘seriously’ play with and add a host of YA Australian authors!

And if you get bored looking at authors, flick back on the tabs under the ‘Literature Map’ title to discover that ‘The World of Gnod’ is also delving into music and movies.  In the words of its developer:

Gnod is my experiment in the field of artificial intelligence. It’s a self-adapting system, living on this server and ‘talking’ to everyone who comes along. Gnods intention is to learn about the outer world and to learn ‘understanding’ its visitors. This enables gnod to share all its wisdom with you in an intuitive and efficient way. You might call it a search-engine to find things you don’t know about.

A fun way to while away the hours!

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