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Harvard’s Houghton Library has advertized a new position:  Wikipedian-in-Residence.

Sounds cool – no?!

Quoting from Mashable, where I first saw details about this position, pertinent details state:

The Wikipedian in Residence will, according to the job announcement, help to “expand coverage on Wikipedia of topics relevant to Houghton collections.” He or she will add sources for existing Wikipedia pages and create new pages “on notable topics.” The person will also “provide appropriate formatting and metadata (and OCR cleanup in the case of texts) to upload public domain content to Wikimedia and Wikisource, and facilitate the use of such materials by other Wikipedia users.”

If you are thinking of quitting your present job to apply for this one though, hang ten!   Although this is a real job, details about this position state that it is a 13 week position paying only $16 an hour.

Intriguing, but …..

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