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The school year has come to an end in this part of the world.  So for yet another year, I’ve packed my bag and made sure it is full of lots of great reads to keep me busy over the long summer break.


The piles is huge!   Maybe I’m being a little too ambitious!   But, while I’m not sure I’ll make it through all of these books, I’m certainly going to have a darn good try and then possibly in the new year, I will re-boot my efforts to post short book reviews and share my impressions of some of the books read.

Meantime, I wish all my readers a great holiday season.  See you back here in early February.

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Where did the year go?!  It’s December already and for me, the school year finishes today!

As I pack my bag and clear my desk, I’ve carefully assembled a bundle of books to tide me over the long Australian summer.   I’m hanging out to have time to read and really can’t wait to take the days a little more slowly and read, read and read some more!!

While I’m sure to blog about some of these titles next  year, I thought some of you may be interested to peek at a few of the titles that are about to hit my bedside table!

May you all have a joy-filled holiday season, a happy new year and a restful summer.  See you again in 2012!

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