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To those of us working in libraries, a headline stating that academic performance is enhanced by immersion in books and literature is not all that surprising.  So when I saw this headline recently:

Home Libraries Influence a Kid’s Success in School”

I really wasn’t all that surprised.   Constantly encouraging my students to read, the mantras “Read a book ….. learn about the world” coupled with “The more you read ….. the more you’ll write!”  are even enshrined here on my blog on the ‘About me’ page and the ‘Writing Competitions’ page.

In my mind, it is without doubt, that the more literate you are the greater success will be enjoyed throughout school years.  It’s great though when such a theory is backed up by research.

Reporting on the Good Education website,  it was stated that University of Nevada sociologists based their findings on data collected from 73,000 people in over 27 countries.

It turns out that children who grow up surrounded by books are 20 percent more likely to finish college than those who do not. More specifically, according to the study, living in a home with a library of 500 books garners a student 3.2 more years of education than his or her peer raised in a book-less home.

The original article, Family scholarly culture and educational success: Books and schooling in 27 nations” by Evans et al can be found in the Journal of Research in Social Stratification and Mobility (Volume 28, Issue 2 pages 171-197).  This article can be purchased online.

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