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Being a teenager is hard enough, but having to cope with parents who split up, a so called ‘step father’ moving in, a sister who heads off overseas and girlfriends who replace you with boyfriends can all be a little overwhelming.  For Anonymity Jones, life seems to be spinning out of control.  With each page, Roy manages to crank up the complexity and suspense.  An excellent read by an excellent storyteller!
Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction: 
Person to person
Suitable:  Year 7-10

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A great collection of short stories which reflect the love, loss, joy and grief that young people typically experience in their homes, their friendships and their lives.   Roy captures the voices of teenagers in a way that is real and convincing.   The characters we meet in these diverse but vaguely linked stories could be any that we meet in our families, school yards or work places.  Set in a ‘town’ of no description the idiosyncratic feel of the stories resonate with us long after closing the book.  And oh ….. did I mention the unexpected twisted endings or the sharp humour of some of these stories?  A great read by James Roy.

Rating: *****
Theme Fiction:
Short Stories; Person to Person
Suitable: Year 10-12

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