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It’s nearly two years since I first learned about the concept of ‘crowdsourcing’ and discovered an incredible website called Kickstarter.   As tends to happen on my many learning journeys, I delved a little into the whole processes and ended up blogging about it on my other blog NovaNews as a way of reflecting on my own understanding of the concept:

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.  If you have an idea, develop it, but don’t have the money to manufacture and market it, then Kickstarter is a great platform from which to seek support.  Most of the projects I’ve looked at have created a video to demonstrate or explain their product.  With absolutely stacks and stacks of ideas sorted into clearly labelled categories, it’s possible to peruse and find an amazing range of ‘would be’ products.  In exchange for monetary backing, the products’ creators will reward  you with the supply of a part or all of the product.   With a minimum funding target set by the creators, many projects garner far more support well before the close date.

NovaNews: Introducing The Brydge on Kickstarter (May1, 2012)

So coming across an article on Slate: Eighth Graders Design and Build a School Library for the 21st Century  while catching up on some weekend reading, I was taken by surprise to not only read about the ingenuity of such young students, but was taken aback to discover that they are crowdsourcing funds to help make their plans come true!   To share their ideas, they  have put together an impressive video on none other than Kickstarter.  Great stuff!

X–SPACE: A Library Designed and Built By Its Students

X–SPACE: A Library Designed and Built By Its Students

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