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A very nice initiative to improve the reading levels and achievements of Indigenous Australians has been launched.IRP

A voluntary, not for profit group, the Indigenous Literacy Project looks for recommendations of Indigenous Australian youngsters who could benefit from their program.   After an initial assessment of reading levels, participants will be loaned a Kindle.  If, at the end of a six month period, reading level measurements indicate that the participant’s reading level has improved, they will get to keep the Kindle.   As described on their website, the program is simple and targeted:

Our project aims to improve the reading achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We target kids who want to read but don’t have access to books.

We loan them a Kindle e-reader. We monitor their progress over time and if they significantly improve their reading frequency they get to keep the Kindle.

With such frightening statistics as those detailed by NAPLAN, this initiative really is very worthwhile.

Indigenous Reading Achievement

A very nice write-up in The Age newspaper: “Intervention kindles a love of reading”  (December 29th, 2012) describes the initiator of the project, Canberra public servant, Daniel Billing, who decided he wanted to ‘make a difference’.  Early results of the impact this program is having on participants are really very inspiring.  Opportunities to either donate or get involved in the program can be found on Indigenous Literacy Project’s webpage.

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Kindle has just introduced a new feature which allows readers to have a chat with the author while reading the book!

This new feature promises to be a very nice way for readers to interact with their reading in a totally different way.   Utilizing the 5 way controller on the Kindle, all that a reader needs to do is to highlight the passage and type @author followed by the question.  Then, by selecting save and share from options in the bottom note window, Amazon will tweet the question to the author.

Currently only in beta (trial) release mode with a select number of authors, this feature certainly does promise to add a new dimension to the reading experience.  As noted in the PCWorld article: New Kindle Feature Lets You Ask Authors Questions questions are restricted to just 100 characters and ….. in case you were wondering ….. they’ve not yet figured out a way to ask questions of authors who have passed on!



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