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I just love Let’s Read – an organization which focuses on promoting reading with kids.  Let's Read logo

Developing a love of literature and a love of reading in the birth to five years age group is a key to unlocking the world of literature to future generations.

Just recently Let’s Read announced an online training program for early childhood professionals which is to be launched in September of this year.

Aiming to build an understanding of early literacy experiences for children, I’ve no doubt that this online program will be of interest to both parents and professionals across the spectrum of education.

Quoting from a National Early Years Literacy Campaign Newsflash which I received via email last week, this online training program aims to

  • establish a shared understanding of early literacy and the rationale for supporting the development of early literacy skills.
  • increase your familiarity with the Let’s Read framework, including key messages and resources.
  • increase your appreciation of the importance of working in partnership with families when delivering Let’s Read.
  • increase your ability and confidence to facilitate conversations with families about early literacy.
  • develop awareness of planning and strategies for implementing Let’s Read in your community.

Having viewed this short promotional video about the online training program, I’m convinced that all of us can ‘brush up’ on our skills of encouraging and promoting reading by and with kids of all ages.  And ….. wouldn’t it be fabulous to publicize or ‘run’ this program from the comfort of our school libraries.

Inspiring and encouraging parents to read to their children is as important as the reading process itself!

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The stats presented on the literacy levels of our students really is quite frightening.

  • young children spend twice as much time in front of the televison as they do reading
  • household duties and tiredness get in the way of parents reading to their young children
  • 20 per cent of parents had not started reading with their 12-month-old

Presented in an article Young children spend twice as much time watching TV as they do reading stories  this research by Australia Post coincides with the launch of the Let’s Read National Early Literacy Campaign.  Some great strategies and ideas to promote reading are listed on this website.   Well worth the time to explore.

Let's read campaign

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