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Love the thoughts and ideas that I come across on Twitter.

This one is gold!

Don't ask Siri.... ask a librarian

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I came across this on Facebook last week.  One of my greatest needs is summed up perfectly!   Thanks Denise for the share!

All I want in life = books!

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BiblioMat Vending Machien
I  just caught up with this very cool vending machine which is situated in The Monkey’s Paw, an antiquarian book shop in Toronto and ….. as to be expected of a vending machines ….. just insert $2 and out pops a book!!

Created by Craig Small for the book shop, it really is quite an ingenious machine into which random books of different sizes can be loaded.  Once $2 is inserted by a book patron, a surprise title comes tumbling out!

It’s brilliant and I definitely want one in our library!!


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