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Not very far from The New York Public Library lies Bryant Park – a beautiful, peaceful spot to wander and indulge the beauty of nature.

But ….. did you know that underneath Bryant Park, there is space for 2.5 million books?!

While it’s kind of eerie to think that a huge stash of books lays under the beautiful surrounds of this park, a seroius relocation of books from the New York Public Library has been operating for quite some time.

A recent article by Sarah Laskow: The New York Public Library is moving 1.5 million books to an underground lair outlines the comprehensive plans that have been put in place to create a safe, secure and highly organized location for books that can no longer be stored in the library.

Twenty-five years ago, when the library first moved books under the park, construction crews carved out two underground floors, but only the top one was finished. The second level, deeper down, was an unlit hollow, until, starting in April 2015, renovations transformed it into an archive-quality storage facility.

It is a beautifully cool 65 degrees down here, with 40 percent relative humidity, and there’s a new electric trolley system, in which books can be sent off to reading rooms upstairs in bright red carts. Most importantly, there is space for 2.5 million books.

The process of relocating the books, organizing, storing and thinking through how books requested can be easily retrieved is quite fascinating, so take the time to have a look at the article.

UPDATE:  Further to details outlined above, I’ve just read an article on Quartz which describes the unusual method of storing the 4 million – yes: 4 million! – books stored in the underground collection in Bryant Park.  Out with Dewey and in with ….. size!

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If you’re a Margaret Atwood fan and you’re hanging out to read her next novel, you’ll have to be very patient – it’s not due to be published until 2114.  Yes – correct!  That’s next century!

Margaret Atwood is the first contributor to Katie Paterson’s ‘Future library’ which is being created in Norway.

Paterson’s project, to which Atwood is the first contributor, will see an author contribute a book each year for the next 100 years. Each one will go into storage in a specially designed room in Oslo’s Deichmanske public library before being published in 2114. The room is to be lined with wood from the planted trees, and will also contain a printing press, so people of the near future who might not have held a paper book will have a way to produce a physical copy of the texts contained within.

An intriguing idea!  How nice it would be to be able to peek into the future!

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It’s nearly two years since I first learned about the concept of ‘crowdsourcing’ and discovered an incredible website called Kickstarter.   As tends to happen on my many learning journeys, I delved a little into the whole processes and ended up blogging about it on my other blog NovaNews as a way of reflecting on my own understanding of the concept:

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.  If you have an idea, develop it, but don’t have the money to manufacture and market it, then Kickstarter is a great platform from which to seek support.  Most of the projects I’ve looked at have created a video to demonstrate or explain their product.  With absolutely stacks and stacks of ideas sorted into clearly labelled categories, it’s possible to peruse and find an amazing range of ‘would be’ products.  In exchange for monetary backing, the products’ creators will reward  you with the supply of a part or all of the product.   With a minimum funding target set by the creators, many projects garner far more support well before the close date.

NovaNews: Introducing The Brydge on Kickstarter (May1, 2012)

So coming across an article on Slate: Eighth Graders Design and Build a School Library for the 21st Century  while catching up on some weekend reading, I was taken by surprise to not only read about the ingenuity of such young students, but was taken aback to discover that they are crowdsourcing funds to help make their plans come true!   To share their ideas, they  have put together an impressive video on none other than Kickstarter.  Great stuff!

X–SPACE: A Library Designed and Built By Its Students

X–SPACE: A Library Designed and Built By Its Students

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Boy who stole a book!There’s nothing like a ‘feel good’ story!

So when I came across this one about Olly Neal who ‘borrowed’ books from his school library in Arkansas in the late 50’s, I knew it was the stuff that makes us smile, nod our heads and collectively state – yes – that’s another thing that librarians do.

Have a read and be inspired:  Boy lifts book; Librarian changes boy’s life

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