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Located in Newmarket (Toronto, Canada), this Story Pod is a beautiful concept which at a glance is a more sophisticated version of  a Little Free Library in which patrons can exchange, browse and/or borrow books at no cost.  I have blogged about this concept previously.

This Story Pod is both inviting and beautiful in design and is certainly alluring to those who may want to spend some time between the covers of a book!   Designed by Architects AKB the emphasis is on simplicity and functionality to ensure that, night or day, the Story Pod will be a valued feature for regular urban use.


Check the AKB website for more info and pictures.

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It’s hard to believe that another year has spun by so quickly!

Prior to heading off for our summer holiday break at this end of the world, I’ve collected together a huge bundle of books to read while enjoying a much needed rest.

As I reflect on the year that was and the number of times I have implored, cajoled and shared passionate words of encouragement with both students and teachers, I realize that my words can never equal the impassioned proclamation of Madison who was promoting the launch of a Little Free Library, a concept I blogged about a while ago:

So ….. with these words …. have a safe and happy holiday season ….. and don’t forget:

The world needs books! What would the world be like without books?  They fuel our mind like cars and gas.  The cars can’t go without gas.  Our brains can’t go without books.  The world needs books!  Weneedbooks!

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How coincidental it is when one has an idea that is the same as someone else on the other side of the world ’cause that’s  kind of what happened to me just recently!

A few weeks ago, I noticed a post on FaceBook by the NYOR team promoting a Swap Box which had been established by someone or some organization somewhere in Australia.  Regrettably I didn’t jot down the name of the person behind the idea.  I did however keep a picture of it to share with my colleagues in our school library.   The picture I saved was this:

Needless to say ….. it didn’t take too long to create a very similar box which now sits on display on our circulation desk.  Filled with a starter bundle of books which library staff cobbled together, the Swap Box has been a source of interest since and is a really great way to promote an interest in that wonderful feeling of holding, reading and owning a book!

Soon after getting our box up and running, someone sent me a link to a newly established website: “Little Free Library”.  Begun just a short while ago, these pop up libraries, first begun in Wisconsin in the USA, can be found in more than 40 states across the US as well as in 20+ countries around the world.  Found predominantly decorating the front yards of homes or residential neighbourhoods, the Little Free Library looks like a box on a short post, much like a letter box.  With the motto “Give a book ….. Return a book” the Little Free Library is a new way of inspiring and promoting a love of reading while building a sense of community.

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