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There are some awesome tools to help us find that next great book to read.

Lovereading is a new one I’ve just come across.   Based in the UK, access to this great website is free and provides expert recommendations made by people with a passion for some books.  A very cute video embedded on the front page of the Lovereading website is worth a look:


A quite novel (excuse the pun!) addition to this website is the Google Map Book Mash-up which lets users find books by location.  The introductory blurb just before hitting the Google Map says it all:

They say reading a book is the greatest form of escapism – but where we escape to changes from author to author and story to story. You could visit Narnia, Westeros, or just the West End of London. This map from Lovereading.co.uk chronicles some of the greatest and most popular stories of English Literature (according to major publications) and their settings. Obviously the only condition is they have to be on planet Earth. Can you see your favourite? Be sure to share with all book lovers and add new ones!

Seeeing a world map splattered with little books and an open invitation to submit your own entry is almost too much to resist.

Guess I know how I will be finding my next good book to read!


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