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Set against the backdrop of the souring relations between the US and Cuba prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis, an unlikely, clandestine love affair between Clem, the son of a working class family and Frankie the only daughter of a wealthy landowner slowly unfolds.  A moving love story which stays with you long after you close the covers of the book.


Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction:
Historical Fiction
Suitable:  Year 10-12+

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The sudden and controversial marriage of Otello, South America’s most popular soccer star, to Desmerelda, the white pop star daughter of a right wing politician, propels the couple to even greater adoration by the nation.  When a young street girl is found murdered, Paul Faustino, South America’s top sports journalist witnesses the impact of a trial by media.   So powerful is Peet’s writing that one feels and smells the stench of life on the streets, the insurmountable social divide between rich and poor and the undeniable corruption that slithers through the fast pulse of life.  A great read!

Rating: *****
Theme Fiction: Person to person
Suitable: Year 9-12

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