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It’s taken a couple of weeks, but finally I’ve got my feet back on the ground after returning from an awesome vacation!

While I admit to not having time to open the covers of a book even once while away, literature kept finding me – sometimes in the most unexpected of places!

For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of cruising, you’ll know that a library on a ship is as anticipated as the numerous eateries that are to be found on board.  Without a doubt, the libraries I’ve seen on the high seas each have a beauty and character all of their own.  They are inviting and peaceful, gently coaxing you to ‘come visit’.


Celebrity Silhouette Library (left) Royal Princess Library (right)

Celebrity Silhouette Library (left) Royal Princess Library (right)

Working in a secondary library as I have for some years now, I tend to lose track of those adorable characters that I used to love sharing with my young readers.  So when I discovered that Dick Bruna’s Miffy turned 60 this year, I was over the moon to see a beautiful collection of stuffed toys hidden in a gift shop in Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands


and then equally enamoured when I spotted a magical display of Miffy collectables on show in the beautiful Royal Delft Shop located in Delft in the Netherlands, to honour her 60th!



Soon after another adorable character popped up in a shop window in Helsinki.  Moomin and his family of white, roundish, fairy tale characters which have been immortalized by Swedish speaking Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson in books and comics, are today brought to life in an incredible array of soft, cuddly toys and ‘must have’ paraphernalia.




Then, I literally walked into another very distinguished find!

Look down this bustling canal fronted street in Copenhagen to the cream coloured building next to a brown building  – exactly nine buildings from the left:



to see none other than a building with a most notable name!


Even if it is just a cafe nowadays


I really got a kick out of standing outside of a building that was once the home (or in the vicinity of the home) of none other than Hans Christian Anderson!

A similar shiver went through me as I viewed this hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland


It was here, we were told, that Mark Twain used to stay for extended visits where he contemplated or perhaps wrote some of his classics while enjoying the beauty of Lake Lucerne which lies right opposite the hotel.


Not far from here, is the valley where the legend of William Tell originated.  Today, just a short distance away, a lively restaurant cashes in on this belief!


Literature continued to engulf us as we traversed the streets of Zurich.  While tempted by this poster to sign up to Zurich’s Literature Festival while we were in town


I knew that my mastery of neither French nor German would let me enjoy much!  So instead, I had to make do enjoying the beautiful window displays in the very large English branch of the beautiful Orell Fussli Bookshop which we just happened upon while strolling along Zurich’s elegant Bahnhofstrasse.



The prominent value of literature even followed us on our way home!  As we wandered along Orchard Street in Singapore, this gigantic statue of busy shoppers managed to include someone reading a newspaper!

And so it was, that our journey has now concluded.

Back in Melbourne, I’ve returned to the shelves of books that surround me in our school library and where I will aim to continue to inspire students to read, read, and read some more!

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Just love this quote.  So very true!!

Courtesy  Lifehack

Courtesy Lifehack

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