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Living in Jerusalem, a city constantly overshadowed by random acts of terror, is a terrifying reality for Elise Margulies and her family.  Confined to bed with a difficult pregnancy, Elise waits for the return of her husband and young daughter from a ballet recital.  When told that their car was ambushed but that there was no trace of either her husband or her daughter, Elise’s life spins out of control.  The ensuing five day saga is told in the voices of those around her who desperately try to locate her family.  In parallel, the background story of a pact between Elise’s grandmother and three other women who survived the horrors of Auschwitz concentration camp, add a meaningful depth to this gripping, but at times, terrifying read.   A worthwhile read by International bestselling author Naomi Ragen.

Rating: *****
Theme Fiction:
Religion & Culture
Suitable:  Year 10-12+

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