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The Ink Bridge
Grant’s penmanship transports the reader to a world known only by Afghanis.  The abject fear instilled in them by the Taliban and by the poverty, hardship and sheer terror that surrounds them on a daily basis unfold slowly and clearly reaching into the very soul of those reading it.  Grant’s choice of words and phrases and his manipulation of them to create not only a story but a mood and atmosphere make this novel stand out.  Omed and Hec, the two main characters, one an Afghani and the other an Australian, are so credible that they feel as though they are in the room with us as we read.  Never again, on completion of this read, is it possible to consider ‘asylum seekers’ as we had previously.    A poignantly told story of Afghanistan and its people.  A great read.

Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction: 
Historical Fiction
Suitable:  Year 9-12+

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