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Tipped to be the audio version of YouTube and Flickr, Broadcastr, with more than 4,000 audio clips pinned to geographic locations at its launch, is set to go live in just two days – February 28th.

Expecting thousands more stories to be added soon after its launch, this is an exciting development in the world of digital technology.

By ‘pinning’ reports to geographic locations, this new social networking platform will allow ‘listeners’ to stay informed  of world events, explore historical reports or even listen to a review of a restaurant they may be considering for dinner that night.

Co-founders of Broadcastr, Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum, anticipate that the ways in which people use Broadcastr will be endless.  Noting that while story telling is as old as the human race, this is the first time story telling has been taken to a digital platform.

Writing about Broadcastr a month ago in The Age newspaper, Rachel Wells quotes Hunter:

The thing about Broadcastr is that it’s going to be creating this rich layer of storytelling that covers the whole world and which is going to become more and more valuable as time goes by.”

It will certainly be interesting to watch the growth and development of this new app, the next social media platform to hit our world!  The mind boggles as to its value in educational settings.

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