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With our summer holidays just finished in Australia, many of us are taking a little while to ‘get back into it!’

Settling back into work-a-day routines isn’t made any easier when coming across locations such as this one which has to be the ultimate hotel for any one of us working in libraries!

The Library Hotel in New York where each floor celebrates one of the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal System and has a reading room that is open 24 hours looks and feels amazing – and that’s just from watching this video!!


So when are the next holidays?!  🙂

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If you’re plannnig a trip to New York, you may want to include some time at this ‘little’ gem!

Referred to as New York’s legenday book shop holding a mixture of new, used and rare books, Strand was established in 1927 and is located at 12th and Broadway.  With a mere two and a half million books, be sure to have plenty of time to browse!

It really does look amazing!!!

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