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A couple of weeks ago I published a post titled: KidsNews: a great resource! on NovaNews, my other blog.  While detailing much that could be found on this website, I intentionally saved the best for this blog!!

Scroll down to the bottom of the KidsNews website to find a link titled Book Club.   Before you click on the link though, be sure you’ve got a stretch of time up your sleeve to read, explore and imagine how the various links on this page could be used with students. With competitions, announcements of competition winners (including links to their winning stories), interviews with authors, articles about up coming publications, there’s so much to be explored and enjoyed.

The Kids News website brings news stories to classrooms in a fun, accessible and engaging way, and we are delighted to add our books to the mix to help teachers and parents get kids reading.”

Informative and appealing.  With a well structured classroom activity, it’s hard to imagine students not being drawn into this website!

How great it would be though if the people behind the scenes of KidsNews could be persuaded to extend this website to teen readers.   Innovative and appealing online Book Clubs such as this would be a great magnet for tech savvy teens!

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East of the Web is one of those websites you could easily explore for hours and hours and just not notice time go by!

Featuring a collection of short stories ranging across the gentres of crime, fiction, humour, non fiction, romance and sci-fi you’re bound to find something of interest.  Search by rating, author and length.  Be sure to also explore the children’s and interactive story collections too!

Once you’ve selected your story, just sit back, relax and enjoy reading online.   Using this website in the classroom or the library would make a great activity.   Give students the chance to share their stories with each, or have them explore any one of the word games also available on this site.

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