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Even though I’d been working in libraries for a while, it had never happened.

I’d never had to deal with a wet book!!

But ….. it happened!

Just a few weeks into my new job (now some years ago!) it was with the flick of my hand that my cup of tea went flying and literally drowned the precious novel I was in the middle of reading.

Fortunately, an experienced colleague was on hand to smother my embarrassment and calm my nerves by showing me just how easy it was to save a wet book!

A recent post on Open Culture brought memories flooding back!!

And yes – we went through a very hefty bundle of paper towels that day, but the book was saved!!

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Now that the long summer break has finally arrived, I’m starting to think about all those ‘projects’ that have been hanging around on my ‘to do’ list for some time.

One such project is sorting through the massive pile of cook books I seem to have accumulated and are now overflowing from three separate book shelves around my house.  Maybe it’s time for me to go through them, digitally store the few recipes that are standouts in some and to then – finally – move those no longer needed onto another hungry cook book lover.

Contemplation of the task reminded me of a post I read a while ago on Open Culture which featured a 1585 recipe for pancakes.

1585-panckae-recipeIn between sorting my cook books, I just may have a go at making this yummy treat for those around over the holidays.   The recipe ‘translation’ provided by Open Culture will make it that little bit easier to experiment!

Take new thicke Creame a pine, foure or five yolks of egs, a good handful of flower and two or three spoonefuls of ale, strain them together into a faire platter, and season it with a good handfull of sugar, a spooneful of synamon, and a little Ginger: then take a friing pan, and put in a litle peece of Butter, as big as your thumbe, and when it is molten brown, cast it out of your pan, and with a ladle put to the further side of your pan some of your stuffe, and hold your pan …, so that your stuffe may run abroad over all the pan as thin as may be: then set it to the fire, and let the fyre be verie soft, and when the one side is baked, then turn the other, and bake them as dry as ye can without burning.”

Fingers crossed I get this holiday project started and done!  It will be a relief to clear some shelf space so I can, of course, buy more cook books!!

Have a safe and happy holiday.  See you again in 2017.

PS.  I’ll let you know how the pancakes turn out!!


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I came across a post about The Last Bookstore on Open Culture a couple of months ago.

Apart from being an interesting story about how a young paraplegic decided he wanted to open a bookstore in downtown LA, there are some absolutely awesome display ideas featured in this bookstore.

The video is quite long, so if you are interested in the display ideas, watch the first minute or so.  If you’re interested in the story of how and why this young man set up this bookstore, just keep watching.


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Incorporated onto the Peter Max 1969 psychedelic poster for National Library Week, the quote

Be all you can be. Read!”

aptly sums up all that I believe about reading.  The poster is pretty cool too.

Peter Max - 04-Nat-Lib-Week-1969
Peter Max – 1969 National Library Week poster

Don’t know much about Peter Max?  Have a read about him on this recent Open Culture post which brought this particular piece to my attention.

And in case you are wondering, April 13-19 is the date set aside for this year’s National Library Week celebrations in the US.

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We all know that there are a host of audio books out there.  Locating something that you really want to listen to is not necessarily all that easy though.

Spotting this list on the Open Culture site recently, I immediately spotted dozens that I’d love to listen to tomorrow!  Best of all …..  they are all free!

Check them out.  Choose from the fiction and general literature list or maybe the non fiction or poetry lists.  Alternately explore the many podcast sites.

A lifetime of listening is literally at your fingertips!

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Talking of writing, storytelling and all that kind of stuff as I was in a post a couple of weeks ago – Get cracking – write some poetry! – I came across this two minute video (make sure you watch it to the end!!) a few months ago on one of my favourite blogs: Open Culture.

At the time it reminded me of the kind of ‘Writing Prompts’ that Tania Sheko had been publishing on her blog: Storyteller.  I’m sure that a great story could be written around this one!  At worst though, it makes for an amusing two minute interlude!  The title of the video is of course: The Office Meets the Twilight Zone

Short Film ‘The Black Hole’ from PHOTOPLAY FILMS on Vimeo.


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