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This idea is so simple, you kind of wonder why we aren’t doing it more often!Donate then take a book box2

Have a check of your personal bookshelves and select a few that you really enjoyed but don’t necessarily want to keep forever – especially if these could be replaced with books that others have and are happy to share with you!  Then set
up a box on your circulation desk with a big sign “Pass it on!” and invite others in your school community to pop books into the box.   The idea is that as they put one in, they take one out for themselves.   By passing books along to each other, we are sharing books that we each value.

Many of us can be very possessive of our books though, so if members of your school community tell you that they can’t bear to part with their books, vary the idea a little by putting an ownership note on the front of the book saying something like: This book belongs to xxxxx.  Feel free to borrow it, but please return it to this box when you have finished.  The owner would be very upset to lose the book!

Give it a go.  If it worked for me, it may also work for you!

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