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It’s really nice when a promotional idea pops up out of the blue!

This is what happened last year when our school was contacted by our local public library asking if any of our students would be interested to join in a poetry showcase event which they were organizing for later in the year.

Knowing that there were a number of enthusiastic students who had a love of poetry, it was a given that at least two or three of our students would agree to attend this off site event being held on a Saturday morning.  To the delight of our Head of English, six student voiced their interest to get involved.

Invited to share an original poem, our students were polished representatives of the school as they presented a range of their original writing which included a spoken word poem as well as extracts from memoirs and short stories on which the students had been working.   Being able to receive encouraging feedback from a children’s author who had been invited to attend this event, was an added bonus.   Offering our students an opportunity to take on new challenges and move a little out of their comfort zone into a safe and encouraging environment is a welcome challenge.

In hindsight we realize that there is no need to sit back and wait for an invitation from our local library, but rather we should be proactive in getting together with them to see whether we can pool our resources and plan together.

Give it a go.  If it worked for me, it may also work for you!

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