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I’ve written a few posts over the last year about ‘Reading Dogs’ and how they can assist chidren having difficulty reading.  With those programs being US based, I’ve often wondered whether there was anything similar happening here in Australia.

To my delight, a parent at my school – thanks Nancy! – has alerted me to Reading Labs, an Australian initiative which sets out to boost the reading confidence of young students.

As stated on its web page, this program aims:

  • To improve the literacy rate of children with reading difficulties through an innovative ‘reading to dogs’ program.
  • To lay a foundation for a lifetime of learning and ultimately enhance the quality of the children’s lives.

Launched back in 2009 at Clayton North Primary School in Victoria by well known and much loved Australian author Andy Griffiths, the byline on the program’s webpage tells us that:

‘Reading Labs’, are the well trained helpers reeling in reluctant readers – book, line and sinker.  Reading Labs is an innovative educational program where Assistance Dogs in the community visit schools with their team mate (recipient), helping students with reading difficulties.

I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who has used dogs to help their students develop their reading.

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