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It’s so easy to take the benefits of reading for granted.

Perhaps the best way to appreciate the value of reading is to consider the many disadvantages incurred by those who have reading difficulties.  I found myself considering this when I came across the informative article: Reading skills crucial for juvenile offenders posted in early January in the Statesman Journal.com which highlights a program underway in Oregon.  Commenting on the value of reading, it’s author, Linda Snyder, writes:

More than 85 percent of juvenile offenders have reading problems; studies have shown the correlation between low literacy and involvement in the juvenile justice system. Improving reading skills is a critical part of the process of transition back to public schools. Illiteracy and low-literacy can also lead to poor vocational prospects for youth.

Juvenile offenders and their siblings often have limited access to books. Many juveniles involved with the Oregon Youth Authority meet federal guidelines for poverty, and come from homes where literacy is not a priority. Providing books can foster an interest in reading, help these youth “catch up” with their peers and improve reading skills.

Providing juvenile offenders with access to books and a structured program to overcome reading difficulties is the focus of this article and certainly is one that provides food for thought for us all during this The National Year of Reading.

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