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Roald Dahl was born today – September 13th 2016 – which makes today his 100th birthday!

Much has been written about the man, his life and the amazing collection of writing that continues to entertain children and adults alike.

Memorable quotes from Dahl’s books pop up in all kinds of places.  I spotted this one, taken from “The Twits” on a list of 20 quotes from children’s books every adult should know.

Taken from The Twits

But earlier this year, I read that a massive 8,000 of Dahl’s real and invented words were to be included in a dictionary commemorating his centenary.  As I read through the article, I found myself revisiting Dahl’s colourful language and got so inspired that I penned this note to my family!

Although you may think it is flushbunking, tonight some phizz-whizzing friends will be joining us for a wondercrump, splendiferous, swashboggling, lickswishy and scrumdiddlyumptious dinner after which we will enjoy a pie filled with lots of snozzberries for dessert!  Yum!   Can’t wait for it!!

The article, Roald Dahl’s swashboggling words get their own dictionary is well worth the read.

If, like my husband, you can’t quite figure out the meaning of my note, here’s a translation:

Although you may think it makes no sense whatsoever, tonight some friends we really like will be joining us for a wonderful, wonderful, very special,  gloriously and utterly delicious dinner after which we will enjoy a with a pie filled with lots of berries you can eat for dessert!

The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary is now available for purchase and should make a great read!

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A couple of weeks ago it was Roald Dahl’s birthday.  He’d have turned 97!Roald Dahl

It’s pretty amazing to consider that Dahl’s books are probably as popular and well-read now as they were back then.  Quirky, bizzare and sometimes scary, his books were also an enjoyable read which captured the minds and hearts of many a reader – both young and old.

Commemorating his birthday, Huff Post Books has highlighted ten of the ‘valuable life lessons’ that were embedded into his writing.  This is just the list.  Read the full article: Happy Birthday, Roald Dahl! Here’s What He Can Teach You About Life for the details.

1. You can stand to learn a great deal from those who are different from you.
2. Furthermore, it’s okay to be different yourself.
3. Being self-sufficient is important.
4. Reading is fundamentally important, and it can change your life.
5. Sometimes, dreams do come true.
6. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
7. Appearances can be deceiving.
8. You should always be confident in your abilities.
9. Being clever pays off.

10. You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.
11. It is important to either make the best of your situation or do everything in your power to change it.

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