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In another of the ‘Through my eyes’ series, Hawke allows us to traverse the terrain of a land invaded and fought over by Pakistani and Indian soldiers.  Living in Kashmir, Shahana lives alone with her young brother, struggling on a daily basis to stay safe and alive.  The characters and description of this war ravaged region are real and frightening.  A must read!

Rating: *****
Theme Fiction:
Historical Fiction
Suitable: Year 9-10

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Ameera, born in Australia, is the daughter of a Muslim Pakistani father and a Christian Australian mother.   Brought up in the traditions of her father’s religion, Ameera accepts that an arranged marriage is to be her fate.  Travelling to Pakistan though, to attend the wedding of her cousin, Ameera finds that her world is not what she thought.  A well researched and well written novel by Rosanne Hawke which allows the reader a peek into the world of our Muslim friends.

Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction:
Person to Person; Religion and Culture
Suitable: Year 7-12


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