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It’s a daring question to pose to those of us working in school libraries ….. but ….. clearing out the entire book collection is exactly what has happened in one school library in Minneapolis in the US.

Seen to be responding to the February 2012 Obama Administration’s challenge to schools to embrace digital textbooks within 5 years, Benilde-St Margaret’s last year scrapped its entire print collection to create a learning space where students and staff can meet to share ideas, research and access online databases on iPads, laptops or computers, or to just read!

I first read about this story in an article in the January 20th issue of the Huffington Post: Minneappolis School Library Without Books Thrives After Clearing Entire Print Collection.   Quoting the high school Principal, Sue Skinner, the report is, as expected, upbeat in its praise of the task undertaken.   While a few books were left in the library for ‘reference’, teachers throughout the school were able to take books they wanted for their classroom libraries.  All the remaining books were packaged up and donated to schools in Africa.

Responsibility for the dismantling of the library seems to have been completed by none other than the school principal.  In the new digital Benilde library, Math and Literacy coaches work with students as they research using online databases such as Gale and ProQuest.   A look at the school website is a little frightening though.   There is no mention of a school library or library staff.  So who then directs this new library?  Sadly, no one!

Digging a little deeper for more information about this story, I found a very comprehensive report on School Library Journal.  Incorporating a far more in depth interview with the school Principal, Sue Skinner, the clincher comes when Skinner confides that the current librarian is retiring and that a search is underway for a visionary leader who holds similar views to Skinner to take the concept forward.   Some of the ‘tongue in cheek’ comments following this article reflect the range of thoughts and questions that virtually all Teacher Librarians working in schools would want to pose!

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Did you know that today is Library Lovers Day?

ALIA – Australian Library and Information Association – suggest that we re-name Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated on February 14th, as Library Lovers Day and that the day become one of celebrating with those who love and support our Libraries.  Check out the Library Lovers Day webpage for a range of fabulous Library promotion ideas

Today in our School Library, students enjoyed eating some tiny love heart cookies!  Simple to make and a joy to share, try your hand at creating some for your Library patrons!

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