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As a bookshop owner, what do you do when the rent threatens to put you out of business?

Well ….. in the case of one New York bookseller, the answer is simple!  You re-locate the bookshop to a secret setting ….. in this case ….. to an unlisted apartment in Upper East Side.

Owner and operator, Michael Seidenberg, does not publicize his business – it wouldn’t be a secret bookshop if he did he quips in an interview – nor does he print or distribute business cards.  A lengthy article in The New Yorker back in 2008 when the secret bookshop first opened has, however, drawn much interest.  To browse the laden shelves of this second hand bookshop customers can make an appointment.  If uncomfortable with the intensity of a one on one visit though, customers can call for the unlisted address and visit any time on a Saturday when Seidenberg hosts an open house.

If you aren’t planning to visit when next in New York City, then have a look at this short video to meet Seidenberg and have a peek at his business – Brazenhead Books.

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